A bit of a shout. (looksofine) wrote,
A bit of a shout.

Getting off, getting off while they are all downstairs:

I have no energy to type. Each finger I lift is heavier than the last, so updates are going to be brief. School was mundane; My school picture is going to look ever-so-blah. I fell asleep three times at school and had to go to work immediately after school. No nap. Heavy eyes. Did a lot of pull down and chatted about the total degrade of humanity that is the male gender with one of my managers, Stephanie. I had a nice time, even if I did have to wear my uniform for the first time today.

Hm. Pretty good year.

Downloaded and made 'Under the Pink' finally and ordered a Tori Video from '92 at work. [I don't know what to expect, I just know TO expect.]

I'm irritable, and I'm hoping this is due to premenstrual syndrome. It's not normal to be this touchy. Ariel, we need to set the plans for this Friday. And after the CWAC meeting, we are going out to eat to celebrate. [Anyone else who wants to come is welcome.] Erin, I'm missing you. Had incredibly warm thoughts of you today.

Eddie, I've melted in your mouth until I'm nothing at all. Does that make you smile or sob?

Oh, and anyone who gets The State Journal Register, check out page 11. [The Voice section.] My friend Roy Pyers made the front! Rock on for him and The Phoenix Center.

I'm tired, but alas must write, study, and prepare for Chemistry. Blah. Tiffany Charlotta es muy ... tired.

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