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I've been going through this radical intellectual whirl of delight today. The day started off terribly [due to the fact that my Auto Cad teacher CANNOT TEACH], but I bounced right back into things with my Controversial Ethics class. It's so stimulating; Lately all we've been doing is delving into the facts surrounding simple propositions and the parts of arguments, but the challenge, the drive I get when I learn is captivating. It's inspired me not only to design my own philosophies and ideas, but to explore those of others, as well.

For the past couple of hours, I've been reading my recently purchased philosophy book. When I bought it, I had assumed it was generic and simply written, but oh was I wrong. This is the first book I've read that I've taken NOTES on, and actually studies up on the notes. All in all, I feel more accomplished, though. I absolutely love learning about this subject, I could never ever learn too much about it.

I'm particularly intrigued with the concept of Epistemology. It's like one can catch all the daily 'bullshit' he/she thought was uncontrollable fluff. Instead, it's as if a person can have control over the ignorance, be on top of every word taken in. Now to me, that's invigorating. It makes Truth seem that much more attainable.

And reading into the belief systems of some major names, I've found that I have this huge opposition to the theories of Hedonism. For one, British philosophers have nothing in comparison to the general majority of Ancient Grecian thinkers. Though their fantasies are passionate and well-versed, I just have this passive voice nagging me at me constantly about how they are nothing more than black and white idealism. It's sort of like Marxism: Looks good on paper, looks TERRIBLE and CHAOTIC on Society. I respect the general nature of the ideas, sure, but I can't agree with them. Hands down.

Oh, and if anyone has time, check out the following: Socrates, Aristotle, Epicurus, & Epictetus. Trust me. I wouldn't reccomend them if I didn't back up their words 100%. Definitely some good reading.

Other than the exploration of thought, I've done nothing. Well, I did get the back of my hair all layered and chopped, but nothing new there. I've got to work virtually every night this week, so things are going to be kind of hectic around here. Drop me a line, all of you.

I like reminders that my fellow soul-searchers are alive and well.

Gratitude: Knowledge, Seeing Truth, and jeans that fit and bring forth that right amount of security and assurity.
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