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looksofine's Journal

A bit of a shout.
20 October
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It's a creative journey about revealing the small cracks of life that are all so often overlooked. I try to radiate my light there and cross my fingers that others will catch on and radiate that same light to others. Inspiration is key.

I have a poetic soul and I've chosen this journal as my creative outlet. Here is where I'm honest with life, honest with self, honest with truth. This is the world of no judgement and the dreams of tomorrows to come. I write this for the sake of my own sanity.

I appreciate hearing from other artists (including painters, musicians, writers, etc) and am more than willing to take a look into another's work! I've got it set in my mind that seeing the new light can only inspire and make my range of artwork even broader than it is now.

Overall, I've been using this journal as my physical medium to find my Sense of Self. Things are strange at times, other times monotonous, but in the end, they all come together to prove one thing: Progression. It's amazing what time can do, and written documentation is one of those little sparks that make the world more understanding and compassionate.


Feel free to contact me about anything. I love hearing from other people, especially people who have their own thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and passions.

Peace like a river~

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By the way, if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns about my women's awareness group, Chicks With a Cause [CWAC] (This is a group that I manage in Springfield, Illinois for any female who's interested in knowing more about issues in Society that affect them. It's got a feminist twist to it, and is accepting to anyone who wants to join. Just let me know!), please e-mail Chicks_With_a_Cause@hotmail.com . I'm always looking for new minds to take part and I'm always willing to answer questions and let others be more aware. =) Thanks!
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