A bit of a shout. (looksofine) wrote,
A bit of a shout.

Crazy for you:

It's August 31, 2002.
It's the day of the first official meeting of Chicks With a Cause.

I'm not nervous, per se, but I feel unprepared, like there's something I should be doing but have forgotten. [I suppose that's normal] However, I'm going to Ariel's soon to make the female cookies and bake a little something else that SHALL remain nameless. [Trust me on this one, it's top secret.] Hopefully I'll get my Brandon Boyd tattoo done before the meeting, as well. Because we all know that tattoos make things so much easier to endure. Heh. :> Other than that, it's a pretty basic day! Not much excitement is going to take place, but I DO have a visit from Erin to anticipate. Not to mention the extra special time I get to spend with my girls. -Assorted warm, fuzzy emotions- It should be a good day! After the meeting's done, we're all going to celebrate at Denny's, and then we're going out to a dance club to enjoy ourselves. Honestly, this should be awesome. I'm really looking forward to the day.

And I'm hoping to shed a little truth onto the OTHER party involved in my dilemma. It's time for one extra special chick to stand her ground and make her statement against a male. And trust me, this will be something I will never forget.

Never ever.

Take care, everyone! Send some good vibes to Springfield, Illinois at roughly 7 p.m. central standard time. Please?

Peace like a river.
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You're a temperamental pain-in-the-ass and you gave me a bucket full of grief that wasn't mine two weeks ago, but I still adore you and support you in this endevor, so 'kick ass and take names', honey. Oh, yeah..have fun too.

Course, around 5pm Pac Time, I'll be up in Topanga Canyon and have a sex slave on a leash, sucking on my cock, but, if that's not a prob, I'll send the Good Vibes while he's doing that, maybe even 'shoot a load' at the precise moment. LOL [see, Ms Dish, I do take care of myself]

::kisses to the gals::

*'actorspeak' for Good Luck...
Hi my name is Jessica and I make and sell home-made hemp jewelry. When I typed hemp jewelry into the interest search box on the LJ main page, yours was one of the names that popped up. I was wondering if you might like to purchase a home-mad hemp bracelet or something else made of hemp. If interested, just reply to his message or e-mail me. Either way, lemme know okay? And if you know anyone who isinterested in any of my items, please pass this message on. If you reply directly to my e-mail, please include your LJ username please.
Thanks. Jessica
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Honey, I thank you for the offer you've given me, but I hate to tell ya, but I make my own! However I'll pass your offer onto others that may be interested, all right?

Thanks again,
Oh no thanks for replying anyways. I appreciate it. Thanks for the help.