A bit of a shout. (looksofine) wrote,
A bit of a shout.

You bet your life it Is.

This is a meager, desperate attempt at doing something for the sake of my own vanity. You see, today I took the time to straighten my hair [And if you know me in person, you know that I have VERY wavy, thick hair that can take up to three hours to get straightened out.] I made the mistake of pulling it back for dinner, however two pictures were taken while it was straight. I wanted someone to see the pictures, so I'm going to put them in my journal. Ta. Vanity at its finest.

Post script: If there is any one of you out there that decides you've fallen deviously in love with me, please feel free to move to the area, commit, and marry me. Good relationships are just so good to find anymore, especially when you are as sad & unstable as I tend to be. [And Eddie, if you are this person by chance, just tell my I'm beautiful and that you care. I'd really appreciate it.]
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