A bit of a shout. (looksofine) wrote,
A bit of a shout.

God sometimes you just don't come through:

Non-collective updates:

+ Spent the day out with Ariel today. We went thrift shopping, hippie dancing, entertaining, and exploring. Just another average day in the joint life of these two girls, heh.

+ I finally ended up getting this Incubus shirt I've wanted for AGES now. I suppose I just finally had to force myself to fork up the money for it this time. Oh well, it's now mine and I intend on wearing it tomorrow.

+ Oh, and I finally got a new job. I'm now an official employee at Waldenbooks. I had the interview today; Was hired on the spot. The boss there is entirely too adorable. She's peppy, energetic, middle-aged, and 'hip,' for lack of better words. We had a unique interview process and fortunately it worked out fort the better! I start this Thursday and also work on Saturday. So mad props for making the cut and having the opportunity for more money in my pocket.

+School starts tomorrow. I refuse to elaborate until it's happened; As far as I'm concerning, tomorrow is going to be dedicated to the testing of my philosophy, delivering of my letters, and the wearing of my new shirt. More details tomorrow, I assure you.

+ Worry about relationships. Feeling of betrayal. But I won't misinterpret until I know the facts.

+ I'm getting highly worried about meeting one of CWAC now. I have no format whatsoever to go by, and I'm sort of going to be 'winging it.' [This is something Tiffany does NOT do well with.] If anyone has any plans on conducting the first meeting, please, I URGE you to let me know via CWAC email. [ Chicks_With_a_Cause@hotmail.com ] I'm desperate, can't you help a girl in need? =(

And now, more letter writing to my teachers.
See you on the radio. ;)
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